It is an acoustic cover of a song of the same nameoriginally heard in Season 1. [Chorus] Am I'm addicted to you, C Hooked on your love, D/F# Like a powerful drug F I can't get enough of Am Lost in your eyes, C Drowning in blue D/F# Outta control, F What can I do? on Pinterest. Addicted to you (to you) Your the in my favourite song Your the rhythm that drives me along-long-long Gotta turn you up to turn me on. TNS the next step. Jan 5, 2018 - Explore Tashell .M's board "tns!" Season 1 some good information about Riley. TNS Instep Money Matters YOU US. Feel the Fire 6. Family Channel The Next Step Son Luna Brittany Favorite Tv Shows It Cast Dance Dancing Bretagne. No Capo, [or Capo 1st or 3th] [Intro] Am, C, G, D [Chorus] Am C G D Addicted to you (to you) Am C G D Addicted to you (to you) Am C G D Addicted to you (to you) Am C G D Addicted to you (to you) [Verse] Am C G D Your the hook in my favourite song Am C G D Your the rhythm that drives me along-long-long Am C G D Gotta turn you up to turn me on. The Next Step is a Canadian teen drama television series that began airing in 2013 and is still ongoing. Click here to see more quotes. search. E7 I couldn't live without you now, Am C D/F# Oh, I know I'd go insane, D/F# I wouldn't last one night alone baby, E7 I couldn't stand the pain! Indeed, the more you drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, typically, the more addicted you … Riley is a contemporary dancer and a former studio headofThe Next Step Dance Studio.8 Riley is a long-time member of A-Troupe and a member of E-Girls, which she is kicked out of after defending Michelle to her older sister, Emily. Addicted To You The Next Step Disney Channel Stand Up Season 1 Brittany Favorite Tv Shows Dancing Good Things. It aired on January 8, 2020. Charlie sings this song at the scholarshipfundraiser in Culture Shock.2 1 Lyrics 2 Episodes used in 3 Videos 4 References "Sing" Add a photo to this gallery Each season has its own conflicts and highlights. James. Advertisement. See more ideas about the next step, tns, step tv. Fire Lyrics: I close my eyes / I built these walls (walls, walls, walls, walls) / I made them ten feet wide / And twenty feet tall (tall,tall, tall, tall) / When you're up so high / You never When you move it too fast And the time, it turns inside out But the moral isn't lost on me I know I'll never see ... Addicted 2 U 5. Today's Paper; E-PAPER. "The Goodbye Girl" is the 1st episode of Season 7 of The Next Step and the 181st episode overall. In general it is about a "Addicted 2 U" (also known as "Addicted"1) is a song initially heard in Season 2.