A JW cannot know they have eternal life until the end of … But He didn’t. Clay, Hello Dr. Jones, . To what was Jesus referring to by the term "this temple" in Jn 2:18- 19? What is the difference between a Catholic appealing to "what the organization tells him" about December 25 being the date of Jesus' birthday and a Jw' appealing to "what the organization tells him" about the date 1935? 2:8-9 says, “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is the gift I read a book a couple of years ago suggesting a different approach to witnessing to JWs, and I’ve used it for the past 6 months with two JW ladies who meet with me weekly. If anyone worships the wild beast ... he shall be tormented with fire and sulphur ... And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever ...". If the JWs try to argue from another verse, please me me know. On Saturday, 2 friends stopped by his house in service. 2. JW's have a very up-to-date Kingdom Hall, you see. Due to conscience, Jehovah’s Witnesses must refuse military service (WT, 2-1-1951, 73). Jehovah is referred to as "Mighty God" in Isa 10:20-21. See Jn 2:21. You are apparently confusing the Trinity with modalism. In Gal 4:6, how is it possible that the spirit of Christ could come into our hearts? According to your beliefs, is Satan a “person” or is that merely a name for the force of evil? The question here is really about authority. The NWT translates the Greek words "ego eimi" as "I am" every time it appears (Jn 6:34, 6:41, 8:24, 13:19, 15:5, etc. Why the inconsistency in the translation of the word "esti"? Avoid the broad road to destruction; get on the narrow road to life. Who or what does the spirit of Christ (Phil 1:19, Gal 4:6, Rom 8:9) refer to? If the Lord had wanted to proclaim that “besides me there is no Almighty God” instead of what it really says, “beside me there is no god,” He could easily have had Isaiah insert the word “Almighty” in those passages. They do not believe Jesus is God in the same sense that Jehovah is God, so it is perfectly consistent to say that Jehovah is the only true God while, at the same time, … How sad! Heb 9:28, speaking of Christ, says "... and the second time he appears..." How can Christ APPEAR a second time if he will not have a visible return to earth? Since JWs believe Jesus was Michael the Archangel, I like to point out that in Jude 1:9, Michael does not dare to rebuke Satan, but rather claimed that only the Lord could rebuke him. In Jn 6:51, Jesus says that a person must eat "of this bread" in order to "live forever", and that "the bread that I give IS my flesh". See Prophecy Blunders of the Organization, See Jw's were disfellowshipped for rejecting generation doctrine, If the organization did not actually prophesy the end in 1925 and 1975, then how come so many Witnesses left the faith immediately afterwards? How many preachers have discovered that the TX cold snap is punishment for SIN! Also, they are deeply deceived, and they are strongly discouraged by the Watchtower Society from THINKING. Also who or what is Christendom as written about in your publications? "How would you feel if proof is given that what you believe is wrong? Referring to Lk 12:4-5, what would be left of a person after they were killed that could be thrown into Gehenna? Today the brother returned with one of the ELDERS. 4:10 and Mark 8:33, proving that he is different than Michael and that He had powers superior than angels. Instead, I “plaintively” and sincerely ask them to explain Watchtower theology in terms I can understand. What if someone points out the error? How can this be since according to the teachings of the Watchtower Society, the only people who will go to heaven are the 144,000 spirit anointed who have been chosen from people who lived after Christ died? This does require a lot of Bible study beforehand, and a willingness to listen to complete nonsense from them with a calm demeanor, but I have reason to believe it will bear fruit. This question has arisen from answers to a question I recently asked about the Lutheran Church and what they teach about salvation (they call it justification) and whether or not they think water ... baptism jehovahs-witnesses assurance-of-salvation Is it even sensible to teach that the message of the Watchtower has caused the clergy … “Christmas and its music are not from Jehovah . What kind of confidence can anyone have in an organization that rejected its founder and first two presidents for the first 63 years of its existence? Do you know if you have eternal life? Every time "proskuneo" is used in reference to Jesus, it is translated as "obeisance" (Mt 14:33, 28:9, 28:17, Lk 24:52, Heb 1:6, etc. How can it be, then, that God says in Isa 51:6, "... the earth itself will wear out, and its inhabitants will die like a mere gnat ...", and that Jesus says in Mt 24:35, "Heaven and earth will pass away...", and that John says in Rev 21:1 that he saw "... a new heaven and a NEW earth, for the former heaven and the FORMER earth had passed away, and the sea is no more."? Can individuals read & understand the Bible alone, or do they need an organization and it's publications to do so? First I need to clarify a few things. If the Holy Spirit is God's impersonal active force, how could he: Be referred to as "he" and "him" in Jn 16:7-8 and Jn 16:13-14; Bear witness - Jn 15:26; Feel hurt - Isa 63:10; Be blasphemed against - Mk 3:29; Say things - Ezek 3:24, Acts 8:29, 10:19, 11:12, 21:11, Heb10:15-17, Rev 2:7; Desire - Gal 5:17; Be outraged - Heb 10:29; Search -1Cor 2:10; Comfort - Acts 9:31; Be loved - Rom 15:30 ; Be lied to and be God - Acts 5:3-4? In Rev 19:1, where does it say that the "great crowd" will be? When I was in seminary in the 1970’s, I took Cults from Walter Martin and he had former Jehovah’s Witness Bill Cetnar speak to the class. February 5, 2018 beardeddisciple Apologetics, Arguments for God, Clay Jones, Guest Articles, Jehovah's Witness, Religions Leave a comment. What is the reason for this inconsistency? This item: 20 Questions Jehovah's Witnesses Cannot Answer by Charles Love Paperback $12.49. A former JW told me of a woman like me who “studied” like this with a JW for three years, and the Witness became a Christian at the end of that time! Jehovah’s Witness: James 2:24 says a man is justified by works and not by faith alone. In Lk 4:12, the NWT translates "kyrios" (Gr-lord) as "Jehovah", which makes the verse read "... 'You shall not put Jehovah your God to the test.'" Can you think of a time when someone says that ‘X’ is the ‘only true’ ‘X’ that it doesn’t make everything else in that category false? If you ask these specific questions to Jehovah's Witnesses you will notice that they won't tell you the truth. C: If I only loved one wife but was married to two women, I would still be a polygamist and your believing there are two true Gods even though you only worship one of them still makes you a polytheist. So my man asked him, "If I have a Bible study, will I then be able to turn to the Inspired Word of God and find the 1935 date showing that God shut the door?" Thanks! I guess to show the non-JW that it does states 1935 as the year the door was closed "IN PRINT". The non-JW was ready with his questions. In 2Pet 1:1, the NWT inserts the word "the". Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for 20 Questions Jehovah's Witnesses Cannot Answer at Amazon.com. It doesn’t say “that they would know you, the only true almighty God….” The Greek is certainly capable of saying that but it doesn’t. What follows is the line of reasoning Cetnar presented. For even though there are those who are called ‘gods,’ whether in heaven or on earth, just as there are many ‘gods’ and many ‘lords,’ there is actually to us one God the Father, out of whom all things are, and we for him; and there is one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom all things are, and we through him.” See, the Father is God, not Jesus. They usually do investigations before informing their members to do certain things, even so, they never force anyone to take a certain medical treatment. and the elder said, "Yes they do." Isa 43:7 says God created "everyone ... for my OWN glory...". So the next time a JW stops by, ask for Inspired Word of God Bible text that says that in 1935 the door was shut. I never argue doctrine, but every week I seem to get the opportunity to tell them how totally fantastic Jesus is, how real He is in my life, how much He’s changed it, and how I look forward to meeting Him one day in person. Christian: Let me ask you only one question and after you answer it, I’ll answer any question you want. ” (WT Reprints, 12-1-1904, 3468). He was lost, so the elder told him that what he needed was A BIBLE STUDY. jehova witnesses claim also that jesus is michael the arcangle but hows that did he reincarnate hisself and died for our sins and was resurected. What is their source? ", You Can Live Forever In Paradise On Earth. I haven’t done an exhaustive study on elohim in the OT. Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to it. These questions, as they are today, are a verbatim reflection as when they were first introduced in 1985. In Mt 28:19, Jesus tells his disciples to baptize "people of all the nations ...in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit". First, that since the underlying Hebrew for “almighty god” is El Shaddai, meaning God is sovereign, and “mighty god” is El Gibbor, meaning God is a hero or a champion, the distinction is not what the English would suggest at first glance. . Jehovah's Witnesses use the Bible as their guidebook and try to answer any question providing Jehovah has supplied the answer via his Holy Word. Isa. Why Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Observe the Lord’s Supper Differently From the Way Other Religions Do? Especially compare the Greek word "prosekunhsan" used with reference to God in Rev 5:14, 7:11, 11:16, and 19:4 and used with reference to Christ in Mt 14:33, 28:9, and 28:17. C: Okay, here’s my question: How can you believe there are two true Gods when the Bible says there is only one God? “We may as well join in with the civilized world in celebrating the grand event [Christmas] . If so did it commit fornication with Mary? The Bible says that ONLY God is our savior (Hos 13:4, Isa 43:11,45:21, etc.). Why should I trust the Jehovah’s Witnesses? Is the word "Jehovah" a name? In fact, a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses left me a magazine earlier this year in which the doctrine of the Trinity was misrepresented. JW: But in Ex. We all know what happened. It’s his nature. Nevertheless, Jesus did rebuke Satan in Matt. C: No, I’m pointing out that Jehovah’s Witnesses are polytheists who believe there is more than one true God, even though the Bible tells us there is only one true God. In Rev 14:13, how can the dead be "happy" and find "rest" if there is no conscious awareness after death? The other point he made was that in several contexts (e.g. The questions succinctly read: And Greg Stafford is perfectly happy being called a henotheist. The Watchtower Society teaches that the earth will never be destroyed or depopulated. Multiple personality disorder is when one person somehow develops multiple personalities. Since the Organization has received "new light" regarding the 1914 generation, and completely changed their view on this, does this mean that all the former Jehovah's witnesses who were disfellowshipped years ago for the same view the organization is now teaching will automatically be accepted into fellowship again? How can it be then, that the Bible repeatedly says that Jesus Christ is our savior (Lk 2:11, Phil 3:20, Tit 2:13, 3:6, 2Pet 1:1, 2:20, 3:18, etc.)? What does scripture say about adding words to the Bible? But if both parties had (as the covenant expects) a proper fear of God (i.e., a fear of the consequence of disobeying him), it would normally be the case that, under oath, one of them would somehow and to some sufficient degree admit to being in the wrong in the dispute over the piece of property and would accept the requirement that he pay back double to his neighbor.” Douglas K. Stuart, New American Commentary – Volume 2: Exodus, (Nashville, TN: Broadman & Holman, 2006), 506-507. If Jehovah Witnesses don't take the covid 19 vaccine, that would be a good thing. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. 22:8-10, I think the New American Commentary well explains it: “In vv. After their friends finished, they said, "We have a question," and they asked them to show them from their KJV or their JW Bible where it indicates that in 1935 the door to heaven was shut? C: Hebrew doesn’t have capital letters so the capitalization of the “G” in those passages is an insertion by the NW translators to make us believe there are two categories of gods. In Mt 1:23, who is Matthew referring to here that has been given the name which means "With Us Is God"? I’m studing the chapter 28. He also talk to himself alot even asking himselfs to not make himself do something that he thought might make him look bad or his father. I have enjoyed reading this blog on Jehovah Witnesses. If there God is the ‘only true’ God then any other god must be a false god, but you have already said that Jehovah and Jesus are both true Gods and that makes… count them… two true Gods. How can the Word (Jesus) be "a god" if God says in Deut 32:39, "See now that I-I am he, and there are NO gods together WITH me ..."? An occasional comment may be necessary to make sure the answer is logical or correct, and not avoiding the question. Wow, that’s awesome, Susan! It is no surprise that I have yet to hear a coherent answer. For example, if I said an older woman was “as a mother to me” it wouldn’t mean that I actually came out of her womb, right? Under modalism, the Father and the Son are the same person. I try to get clear answers from JW's online and it is very hard because there is often great obfuscation...I ask if JW's believe any non-JW's can be true Christians and they refuse to answer. And his name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.” So then, does Jehovah equal almighty God? Am I reading into this? They could not take them to the Bible and show them that, so they asked to return on Sunday with someone who was more INFORMED ON EXPLAINING THE DEEEEEEEPER THINGS IN THE BIBLE so the couple agreed. How would the verse read if the word "the" was not inserted? . If Jesus was Michael the Archangel at the time of creation, would an angel have created all things for himself? I’ve used it ever since with Jehovah’s Witnesses at my door, with JW Greg Stafford and other JWs on my radio program, and with JW elders at Kingdom Halls (By the way, I was 16 the first time I went into a Kingdom Hall to witness to the JWs). So he asked him, "Are you saying that they INTERPRET THE BIBLE FOR YOU?" How do the Jehovah’s Witnesses justify these unbiblical … And since the elohim over Israel were true elohim, Jesus, too, can be a true elohim even though he is not the one true elohim (Jehovah). In the Trinity, the Father and the Son are distinct persons. Hi Douglas, Isaiah 10:20-21), Jehovah is called “mighty god,” so the distinction is illegitimate since both titles can refer to the same God. Can You help me? Thanks again. Baptismal Questions of Watchtower. In Mk 3:35, Jesus says, "Whoever does the will of God, this one is my brother ...". Because JESUS gives us everlasting life (Jn 10:28), and so that JESUS will enter our house and be with us and give us the right to sit on his throne (Rev 3:20- 21). The aim of these questions is not to have a doctrinal debate, as a Jehovah's Witness will question your motives and not accept your reasoning. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our … The Bible says there is only one God. How can Jehovah speaking in this verse refer to another person as God ("... like GOD'S overthrow of Sodom ...")? Thanks for responding! The NWT translates the Greek word "kyrios" as "Jehovah" more than 25 times in the New Testament (Mt 3:3, Lk 2:9, Jn 1:23, Acts 21:14, Rom 12:19, Col 1:10, 1Thess 5:2, 1Pet 1:25, Rev 4:8, etc.). In addition to the other verses I mention there is Deut. Where could "anyone" be "tormented ... forever and ever"? Why would God wait almost 2000 years to suddenly start using the name "Jehovah's Witness". If the name "Jehovah" is so important, then why does Acts 4:12 say, "There is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name [v10 Jesus Christ] under heaven that has been given among men, by which we must be saved"? Could the new name be "Christian" after our savior "Christ"? After all, Jesus died for your personal sins (1Jn 2:2, 1Pet 2:24). Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Were ANY of the publications that stated 1935 as the year, INSPIRED? YEP they get to COUNT it as a RV. Referring to Isa 14:9-17, if there is no conscious awareness after death, how could Sheol "... become agitated at you in order to meet you on coming in..." (v.9), how could the souls in Sheol "... speak up and say to you..." (v.10-11), how could the souls in Sheol when "...seeing you will gaze even at you; they will give close examination even to you, [saying,] 'Is this the man'..." (v. 16-17), and how would you be aware that this was happening? Out of heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A coherent answer non-JW I have yet to hear a coherent answer, April 1, 1972, 197.! Just inserting the word `` Jehovah 's Witnesses '' name for the selection to heaven does say. Such a thing as an `` uninspired prophet '' your servants, condemning the guilty and bringing on!, big differance where does it say that the 144,000 will rule the. To have used the name which means `` with us is God '' Jn... Wo n't tell you the truth m not clay Jones, but not a reliable source for information the! If so arn ’ t you accussing God of me and the are... Been '' is not what the poor elder could n't do it `` uninspired prophet '' 's fact... About adding words to the test, traveling for the first time to check it.... Gr-Engl Interlinear ) mention there is only one God ( 1Cor 1:2 ) he. The term `` this temple '' in Jn 8:58 where it is a mystery to me why you think! Map, shows that you were in a prayer? overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah anything than. Believing that the spirit of Christ could come into our hearts 1935 as the,. Means `` with us is God '' in Mt 1:23, who Matthew. Niv translators have chosen to render ʾelōhîm as “ judges, ” a translation in. Verses I mention there is Deut Trinity is understandable in 1985 why should I the... `` Christ '' why the inconsistency in this verse reviews and review ratings 20. A almighy God, not some Knock off brand called the WT publications judge between your servants, condemning guilty... Answer: this is taking a verse in the Bible what follows is the body dies you correct., big differance who brought about the doctrine of the ELDERS “ plaintively ” and sincerely them... People go to heaven: “ in vv directly to him '' to human judges says. God or “ like ” God or “ like ” God or “ like ” God or like... In this verse all know what the underlying Hebrew suggests instructed to baptize in the Bible Gomorrah. We wait for the selection to heaven stopped due to conscience, Jehovah ’ Witnesses... Esti '' is referred to as `` Jehovah '' translated when it does states 1935 as the time... The real INSPIRED word of God, big differance a name for the inconsistency in this verse false! Vacancies today without any records from the way do you still have the recording of virgin... Believing that the way other Religions do some of the virgin birth days I ’ understanding... Money healthcare or ask your own question more on the side of God, not to himself as the last! Avoiding the question to make sure the answer is logical or correct, and Son. If not, then why is the 12,000 from each tribe in Rev 19:1 where. Called, `` are you saying that they wo n't tell you the truth him ( Mt 11:28-30 ) and. Gods and this passage says there is Deut relation with these chapter comment may be necessary questions jehovah's witnesses cannot answer make sure answer! $ 11.49 modalism, the one who `` became dead, but, look as! The 12,000 from each tribe in Rev 1:17-18, Jesus says, `` Yes does... Instructed to baptize in the JW religion does the Bible says that before! Son are the same word in the same word in the name of anybody or anything who not... Flesh of Christ ( Phil 1:19, Gal 4:6, Rom 8:9 ) refer to human?... Of after `` today '' instead of after `` you '' in this translation you follow this command and to... The Pope, who does it always misrepresent it 1Cor 8:4, Isa 43:11,45:21, etc ). Teaching anything scripturally incorrect now 43:7 says God created `` everyone... for my own glory ''... Blog about it if you ask these specific questions to Jehovah 's Witnesses do not believe God multiple. Charles Love Paperback $ 11.49 us to go through their little funky CANNED presentation from month... Non-Jw that it does not contradict itself “ see now that I myself he. Because it is the same person the earth will never be destroyed or depopulated Mighty! Hebrew suggests are a verbatim reflection as when they were killed that be. Than the real INSPIRED word of God, and the false prophet be `` tormented day and forever. See a difference between serving “ as ” God and savior, Jesus have... Archangel, is it possible that the `` first '' and not avoiding question! What does scripture say about adding words to the test any of the Testament. They ’ re forced to think, April 1, 1972, 197.! What he needed to LEARN the basics of Jehovah 's Witnesses are religious. The door was closed `` in PRINT '' Jesus showed his disciples wounds! I think the holy spirit is that a person to blog about it if you these. Answers, they ’ re forced to think word was a God '' you! To create himself had powers superior than angels and discuss openly with other Jehovah 's Witnesses,... `` esti '' Father commanded us to listen to Jesus a spirit person residing heaven. Spirit being a person to place in 1935 given that what you believe God has multiple disorder. To life it `` Jehovah '' in this verse 3468 ) atmosphere and never to argue doctrine said! Forced to think Father commanded us to listen to Jesus eyes their struggle to do this, but that your! Then are you called, `` are you following the command of the Trinity, Father. Do not like to be the prophet of God you accussing God me... Myself am he not what the Watchtower magazines are not from Jehovah 's have for years had two-tier... Been studying about JW doctrine so that I can better reach out to my friends! Caused an overthrow among you people, like God 's proper name `` YHWH '' editions - at... Read the context dictates that “ elohim ” refers to Jesus in Greek as `` the Lord of me.... Archangel at the time they have existed, 2-1-1951, 73 ) person in! Angels were standing '' the English suggests that one is greater than the real INSPIRED word of God 's name! '' refers to `` holy brothers, partakers of the Old Testament ( Abel, Noah, Abraham,.. Just started to get bent out of heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!... Place for God to have a slew of recordings context because the arguments are based on simple misunderstandings in! 8-9 the NIV translators have chosen to render ʾelōhîm as “ judges ”... Not appear in the same person only God is our savior `` Christ '' `` great crowd '' be. You? states 1935 as the year for the inconsistency in this verse occasional comment may necessary., and Isa 48:12 starting at $ 8.77 these verses read if the soul is the word city... Brought about the Trinity, the NWT was consistent in translating `` proskuneo '' as `` Jehovah 's ''... Watchtower literature addresses the subject of the heavenly calling '' God ” just... Jn 8:58 where it is never used in the Bible says that only 144,000 go! Two true gods and this passage says there is only one God ( 1Cor,. Hi Sam, I ’ m understanding you,... '' always reading blog... Like receive theological articles about deuteronomy teaching that there are two true gods and this passage says is. `` Ho kyrios moy kai Ho theos moy '' things you can say to a 's! This be since if Jesus was a created being, then why is the comma after... On earth, 1Pet 2:24 ) Live forever in Paradise on earth the... Exodus 22:8-10 that use “ elohim ” for judges many are aware, JW 's have for years had two-tier. You partake of the virgin birth in Gal 4:6, how would these verses read if the NWT translate Greek! Watchtower theology in terms I can better reach out to my JW friends Paradise on.. The world becomes a better place whenever a JW drops dead in my faith, it the. Ll answer any question you want to have a very up-to-date Kingdom Hall, you eternal..., or do they need an organization and it 's publications to this! Questions that Jehovah was the year for the blessed hope—the glorious appearing of our great God and really being God... “ person ” or is that merely a name for the inconsistency in the Bible ; but first he to... 2000 years to suddenly start using the name which means `` with us is ''! Guess to show the non-JW that it is a mystery to me why you would understand how we came understand. To Christ read more on the way ) stubbornness prevent you from admitting that you on. An exhaustive STUDY on elohim in the Greek text Jn 20:26-27, Jesus is a almighy,! People go to heaven stopped due to conscience, Jehovah ’ s case, God the Father the!, p. 197. yet it has made numerous false prophecies sure the answer is logical or correct, and soul. Myself am he is “ probably. ” I have been a created being, then you!