In the .vimrcfile, add the following: set tabstop=3 set shiftwidth=3 set expandtab tabstop means how long each tabstop will be. COZY! # set tabstospaces ## Save automatically on exit, don't prompt. -H (--historylog) Log search and replace strings to ~/.nano_history, so they can be retrieved in later sessions, if nanorc support is available. nano distingue il tipo di file dall'estensione, per cui attenzione, che non verra' visualizzato come script Nano sara' leggermente piu lento con questo file.. ma niente di visibile in un p3 800mhz. Your price for this item is $ 269.00. The order of precedence is as follows (and this applies to all of nano’s settings): So, for example, if the system wide configuration specified a tab size of 4, ~/.nanorc specified a tab size of 8 but you entered nano --tabsize 2 on the command line then the tab size used would be 2. During startup, if−−rcfile is not given, nano willread two files: first the system-wide settings, from/etc/nanorc (the exact path might be different onyour system), and then the user-specific settings, eitherfrom ~/.nanorc or from$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/nano/nanorc or from~/.config/nano/nanorc, whichever is encounteredfirst. These are several settings I think are among the most popular. # Use a tab size of n columns. RAM: 4GB (Galaxy A8/A8+) / 6GB (Galaxy A8+) Internal Storage: 32/64GB *May differ by country and carrier. Good if you move the mouse to point to another on text file, and not so useful if you need to cut or copy text. support runlevels, colorize output and script style like standard linux. It is more convenient to save the setting into a configuration file to save you having to type this on the command line all the time. I've recently started using nano quite a bit for code editing. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products. Set the size (width) of a tab to number columns. Size: 8.5; Sox-Tab; humblepie. # set tabsize 8 ## Convert typed tabs to spaces. # Convert typed tabs to spaces. # set tabstospaces ## Save automatically on exit, don't prompt. In HTML, the tab character is usually displayed as a single space-character, except for some elements, like