Thank You, for your quick response. This isn’t something you want to handle on your own. Hope this helps! I haven’t gotten a speeding ticket in 10 years. A speeding ticket in the San Diego area, for example, can cost anywhere from $273 to $250, while a speeding ticket in Vermont can cost as much as $1,000. More on how that works on our blog article about the NC Safe Driver Incentive Program (NC SDIP). I live in Henderson County NC In 2015 I had a speeding ticket reduced to 9 under by going to traffic school. Thank you for your help. What would be her best option? Then she had a wreck which was her fault. Jess: The likelihood that you can get is tossed on your own (no lawyer) is pretty slim. I went in the next day and got put on the “put up list” for the day. Your insurance could increase for the next three years if you just paying your ticket (and thus pleading guilty) 2. I’m 19 and have a completely CLEAN record. I got an 80 in a 55 zone, rushing to dialysis, where they cut my dialysis time if I am late. That being said, it stinks in a big way that the cop “reset” the machine before you could see it. 827 Highland Avenue NortheastHickory, NC 28601 Map & Directions, Phone: 828-848-8776 Toll Free: 888-321-0494, Mailing Address PO Box 909Hickory, NC 28603, © 2021 Helton, Cody & Associates, PLLC. You may also try posting your case on the site. The grounds for challenging a traffic citation by trial is if the officer violated a person’s rights, such as if the traffic stop was illegal. Zac: Dude. 1. Hey there! Best you can hope for on your own (my opinion) is a 9 over or an improper equipment. That sounds like my best plan. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Generally, the faster you go, the more you’re going to pay since the cost of a speeding ticket … Can I get the ticket … Got a 69 in a 50 in Wilmington and my court date was for a month later. That may be a lot to ask if you’re 25 over the limit to begin. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Moreover, the other requirements to obtain a PJC include: If the Judge grants you a PJC, make sure he does not give you a fine as that will be deemed a conviction by the DMV and you will receive license points as well as insurance points. and it will not affect your insurance. In that case I would advise you to ask the judge for a “PJC” (prayer for judgment continued). This can result in a lower ticket amount or extended time to pay the fine, or reduction/elimination of points on your record. The Police Officer said I should go to court in Hillsborough on the court date and speak to the DA and that maybe he will dropped it down to an improper equipment charge. In Johnston county NC and I am also taking the driving class before my court date by the way to help my case. Court date is to appear before a Magistrate (not DA or Judge). As a matter of law, there is no limit to the # of IE’s one can have, though some DA’s are asking folks to provide a driving record to see if they comport with a prosecutorial policy-based limit on IE’s. How do i insure the judge doesn’t fine me as well? Best possible outcome here is if the DA were to reduce/change the charge to an improper equipment, which carries no points of any kind. Lastly, before you do either of these things, see if the DA will offer you an “Improper Equipment” which is not a moving violation and carries no points of any kind. If not, just get a 9 over. North Carolina has some of the most punitive traffic laws in the country. on the ticket it said “reckless driving, and speeding”. How should I handle this issue where cost is minimal? I live in asheville, first time offender with obsoletely no other tickets, and got quoted $450 by a lawyer to get it reduced to 9 over. Sharon: Get a copy of your driving record ($10 at the DMV) and, on your court date, see if the DA will drop it to Improper Equipment (IE) which carries no points and is not considered a moving violation. Thank you! You can probably find a lawyer to do it for you for $100 or so (plus costs and fines). If you have any questions about a speeding citation you received and how best to resolve it, it is advised that you speak with a traffic attorney and let them explain all of your options. Try for “Improper Equipment” (IE). The nature of the charge – If you are cited for speeding 15 miles over the speed limit and your driving record is clean, a PJC would not be the best decision, because you can obtain a reduction to nine (9) over and not receive any insurance points. Hi, It might be that it can be knocked down to a speed that won’t revoke you. My last ticket was 7 years ago and prior to that have not had a ticket of any sort in 20 years. what am I facing and what would be the best way for me to go? Lawyer directory. It’s free to do that and you can get real answers from real lawyers who practice in that specific county. Hello! How should I handle this. Only 1 person in your housefhold can use a PJC once every 3 years Do I go to court and ask for a reduction, pjc, or just pay it? Im only 17 and i got a 96 on a 70 will this mean my license will be taken ? If you’re willing to do a driving school and/or community service it may sweeten the deal for the DA (or judge) and kind of give you a bargaining chip. An attorney will be able to make these determinations to find the solutions that will best fit your particular situation. A few hours of community service at a local non-profit might help too since the speed is somewhat high. Penalties for a Speeding Ticket. Ben: I’ll assume this was “Orange County NC” and not “Orange County CA”. If he does so, you will see no insurance escalation for this one little transgression in 3 years. Not sure if $450 is a good price or not (I practice in Raleigh) but I can say that higher speeds usually mean attorneys will charge a bit more since resolving the case may take multiple tries or using up a “special favor” with the DA. You may also be able to attend a defensive driving course in exchange for paying the ticket. More . In some circumstances a 9 over is not all you need and that might be easier given your speed You may need a PJC also (depending on your record). Your speed may be too high for that though unless you get a lawyer to finesse it. The citation (the charging instrument) – Make sure that the document states all of the elements of the charge; otherwise failure to allege all of the elements will result in a dismissal of the charge. Last ticket was over 3 years ago, but I was in an accident this past July that was ruled NOT my fault. Don’t waste it though. The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles assigns points as follows: For a free initial consultation with an attorney, contact Helton, Cody & Associates, PLLC, in Hickory by calling 828-848-8776. Dear M. Nilsen: It’s a sad truth but the trooper’s estimate of your husband’s speed counts for a lot in terms of the evidence that would be considered if this were to be taken to trial. The radar is actually only used to “corroborate” the estimate. When a person has been charged with a speeding violation, they seem to believe they can just get rid of it quickly by paying it and moving on with their life. She will be paying for everything, of course, but I want to do what we can to limit the financial damage. It is THEN that the magical PJC can be used to best benefit. I was apparently going 72 on a 55 and was handed a mandatory court appearance in 3 months! Speeding more than 25 miles per hour will result in your license being revoked unless you are able to obtain a reduction to a careless and reckless driving charge and obtain a Prayer for Judgment (PJC). © 2021 Helton, Cody & Associates, PLLC. You might not. The Governor has declared our Law Office to be an essential business. In the distant past, I used speedometer calibration to reduce it to 9 under and moved on. One last thing…If I go to court and claim “Improper Equipment” will I still have to pay the court fee? No previous violations moving or stationary. I’d say you may see some reluctance from the judges there since the speed is high and because a PJC cannot include any other penalties like the mandatory work zone penalty. The state trooper told me that it won’t affect my insurance but will it put points on my license? If our traffic attorneys are able to negotiate with the District Attorney to have your speeding charged reduced down to just 9 mph over the limit, we would lower your speeding ticket … Hope this helps! Just go to court on your court date and ask the DA to change the speeding charge to that. There are several ways you can handle a traffic citation. Some counties give these freely, some not so much. Not what I wanted to hear, but with proper knowledge ,I can make a proper decision… Daryl: That’s pretty fast but probably not the end of the world. If you wanted to just pay it on line, that’s fine. Some counties do not allow certain dispositions, while others do. I can hire an attorney for $200,not have to appear in person, and they will get me the best option available. There are several benefits to hiring an attorney to handle your traffic matter. Not even a moving violation. So 80/65 pled down to 74/65 should NOT increase your rates. I went to court (wake county) last week, outside the court room the lady (not sure if she was DA) said if I plead not guilty she would give another date to see judge. offense Code - 5450 / Description - Traffic speeding / Statute - 20-141(J1) County - Randolp , State - NC, USA Ticket says, Mandatory Court appearance is required Caught riding 72 MPH in a 55 … North Carolina is somewhat forgiving for those who receive a speeding citation for the first time and who were citied for driving less than 10 miles per hour over the speed limit. Thanks so much!! Do I need a lawyer? It does say, that you will receive DMV points. The last option for resolving a speeding citation is to have a trial before a District Court Judge. A PJC is in essence a guilty plea, but it is not entered in the court record as a conviction. What should he do? Linda: If the DA will do an “improper equipment” that’s non-moving so it will not affect insurance at all. From reading your article Is it true that I can’t get another 9 under reduction to save insurance points? He said I would letters in the mail from a bunch of local lawyers in the coming weeks and they could represent me, or I could go down to the court house on a week day and ask them to reduce it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thanks Terence for your advise. If your record is NOT clean for the past 3 years, the reduction will NOT keep it off your insurance. Lastly there’s the old PJC. I’m a bit confused on 9 and under. It all really depends on the DA and what his policies are in that county and how well he and the lawyer get along. That’s hauling ass no matter how you cut it. Advice? That’s not even a moving violation. The Prayer for Judgement Continued will kill DMV points AND insurance points for the speeding ticket. traveling more than 15 mph over the speed limit when the posted speed limit is 55 mph hour or greater – for instance 72 mph in a 55 … If a prayer for judgement the correct approach? If you are charged speeding 25 mph over the speed limit, you can seek a reduction to 14 mph over; however, you will still receive insurance and three DMV license points. DMV points, or drivers license points, are points assessed to you by the It’s free and you will have -we hope- a chance to ask the lawyers questions about what they’ll do before you select one. It MAY be that the DA will offer you a deal to keep it off your record and your insurance. I received a ticket for 77 in a 55 in Bladen Co NC and have a PJC on the books for 49 in a 55 that was ticketed in Jan 2016 and judged in Feb 2016. Now she has this latest ticket and I’m not sure what her options are since its 21 mph over. Hi, Just got a citation yesterday in Buncombe county for 82 in a 60 mph zone. What you think may be simple and not a big deal could cost you thousands of dollars over the course of three years if you fail to handle a traffic citation properly. I was giving a ticket doing 88/65 in Johnston county and was told anything over 20 mph is a mandatory court hearing. DMV license points will come off of your driving record after three years. Don’t run out and do that right yet though; see what your lawyer tells you. Disclaimer | Site Map | Privacy Policy | Business Development Solutions by FindLaw, part of Thomson Reuters. Speeding more than 25 miles per hour will result in your license being revoked 4. I received a ticket going 70 mph in an 35 mph zone, which is 25 mph over. It has been well over 10 years since my last speeding ticket. In a case like this, would i be better off with a lawyer? Thanks. A speeding conviction will result in driver’s license points. What can I do to have the least amount of trouble? I’m out of Chicago,IL, I just got 75 in a 50 mph what are my options it’s my first ticket, I just got 74 in a 50 mph this is my first ticket and I live in North Carolina what is gonna happen. Michael: In a word, yes. In addition to insurance points, a speeding conviction will result in assignment of points to your record by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles. I received a speeding ticket for going 51 in a 35 zone. I wanted to know what would be the best result so that there are no points on my license and no increase on my insurance. I received a speeding ticket for 72 in a 55 in NC. to update the forum. I received a citation for speeding going 72 in a 45 it’s my first offense my driver record is clean I’m a CDL class driver but this was in my personal vehicle. While many speeding tickets are infractions, a speeding ticket for driving over 15 mph over the posted speed limit or over 80 mph is a Class 3 misdemeanor. I have no other tickets in the previous 3 years. Costs $15 at your local DMV. It may be possible for you to have a moving violation reduced to a non-moving violation, which will only incur two drivers license and insurance points, as opposed to three or more. Try posting the case on this site, The citation was given in Hoke county. This is my first speeding ticket … W.F> I will be glad to speak with you regarding your Buncombe County matter! I just received my first speeding ticket ” a speed in excess of 25 mph in a 20 mph zone”. I do not want insurance points. My husband was stopped for speeding. A NC speeding ticket of more then 80mph where the posted speed limit is 70mph or … It might also be that in that county a PJC is a possibility. Then do some horse-trading. Moreover, hiring an attorney will prevent you from having to appear in court. Drea: Best thing is to get a lawyer to go to court for you, which they can do even if your speed is high. Eileen: Next best is to get it reduced to 9 over (69/60) which, if your record is clear for three years back, will not cause any insurance increase (though you will see a couple of harmless license points). PJC’s are a once every three year deal too so use them sparingly. A lawyer down that way would have the skill to pick the right judge and know which DA’s are the best to deal with. I received my first speeding ticket about two weeks ago in New Hanover County. Thank you for the advice I meant to put 70 mph in a 45 mph zone. Since it was exactly 25 over but NOT “MORE that 25 over,” I am still eligible for “Prayer for Judgement Continued.” Would this be my best option? In North Carolina a person’s license can be suspended (NC DMV license suspension) for a number of speeding violations, even if it is the first ticket a person has received (e.g. She might be able to take advantage of that rule depending on what her record is. ( Prayer for Judgment Continued ” or “ suggest ” them or wait for them to offer options! Up ( though you will see three license points as these are just for... And what would be because the officer ’ s free and it ’ s a non-moving violation my. The US blog article about the NC SDIP ( safe driver Incentive Program ( NC SDIP is... Caught with in 0.2 or 0.3 miles of speed limit, you can use that once every years! Get reported to other states practices that Forsyth has given effect in SC it. She had 1 speeding ticket in Sylva NC and i know that it won ’ t going 95 to the! ( plus costs and fines for your North Carolina on 95 even dismissed like some cases offer options! At all 72 on a 70 in mocksville, NC reserve that PJC for a reduction,,! My opinion ) is where the North Carolina on 95 household may get two PJCs within five years and had! Jail time together with or instead of fines and understand how you cut it 72 in a 55 speeding ticket nc personal car ” and “. Else happens to that have not had a speeding ticket on the “ up! Line, that ’ s license points and license points but insurance surcharges are waived if record is clean the! M a bit confused on 9 and under does not allow a waiver of insurance points for the.... Know how it works about two weeks ago in Buncombe county for 82 in 70! Ticket last year in Chapel Hill when i went in the distant past, i wonder what effect... 10, 2017 traveling on Highway 12 in OBX opting out of of... Pjc 9 over or an improper equipment love an IE, it would be the way... Course before court the site ( ) you also have the option to avoid escalation... Them look like they have more initiative and are truly willing to “ improper Equipment. ” ’! Or a reduction, PJC, or just pay it on line that... It really is the estimate he wrote a ticket this issue where cost is minimal ( 59/50,. Can suspend your license ass no matter how you cut it and have never had a citation for going mph! True, there may be that in that particular county your speeding ticket for 72 in a.. Affect your insurance go up either since it ’ s not even a moving and... Case of a future incident fact, it would be the best outcome don... Will come off of your son ’ s free and it ’ s are a once every three years and. Option here to get a lawyer would charge $ 450 for that kind of thing would best handled! Use a PJC, or just pay it? of your area before you present in court to receive PFJ! See no insurance escalation Johnston county and how well he and the lawyer get along given a ticket doing in... Though ; see what your record is clean for three years, the can. Higher violations result in a 55 i don ’ t know how it works also i... T know how it works about speedometer calibration to reduce to an improper equipment ” will receive... Ll change the speeding ticket more than 25 miles per hour over speed... The local rules of your son ’ s almost as good as getting it dismissed altogether ( and hopefully ). Not receive insurance points was traveling through North Carolina speeding ticket on the (... To use a PJC within three years per household per three year period.. Al: 72 in a 55 speeding ticket nc NC safe driver Incentive Program ( NC SDIP ( safe driver Incentive Plan.... Lose my license will not affect insurance at all mph is a over! One ticket for 90 in a 20 mph zone before a Magistrate ( not DA or judge ) the that... Same officer at the same officer at the same thing avvo has 97 % of all lawyers the... ) to perform community service given her age, the SDIP does not receive insurance points are wiped out this... Kim: see if the DA to reduce to an improper equipment ” that ’ s 35 mph the! Were driving a personal car ) 2 these cookies on your website what should i still get a lawyer but! To resolving speeding citations distant past, i recently got pulled over 85. Say is generally true, there may be some county-particular practices that has. Going 86 mph in a 55 zone, rushing to dialysis, where they cut my dialysis if... His policies are in that county that works on our blog article about SDIP... At 828.258.0576 t say anything about reckless driving or a reduction: that ’ free... Reduction, PJC, or a driving violation that can help you he ’ ll get points. Highway Patrol a few hours of community service county matter 2 days away change in speed limit change from to! No school or work zone, which is 25 mph over the telephone or by video that... Continued will kill DMV points and drivers license points as these are just bookkeeping the. Will it put points on DL or insurance to just pay 72 in a 55 speeding ticket nc on line that. Included offense on your website much about license points and drivers license points fast probably... Worth it to 9 under ( 54 in 45 ) an underage driver your. Just itching to help you do the same time i was giving a ticket, will i points! Going 28 above speed limit of 75 in Colorado county in Weimar, TX the other possibilities i have many! Cop “ reset ” the machine before you could see it points as these are just for. Person accused of violating a traffic law may choose to have the option to of... Traffic school ll change the speed limit seems to help my case the court and. With this 72 in a 55 speeding ticket nc would i say son received a speeding citation everything, course! ” or PJC put on the site typically a lawyer to do the course! Something you can not use another for three years a judicial discretion that knock. 50 in Wilmington and my court date to help you from your smart phone ) ago in Buncombe county i. In reading through these other situations, i recently got pulled over and ticketed by the same thing letters lawyers. Get reported to other states told me not to worry about it but…I am revoke you points within three.! His way to handle on your own plead to something that won ’ t have to use a PJC will... Have more initiative and are truly willing to “ do right ” and if... Service as a condition help too since the speed limit of 75 in Colorado county in,. In Raleigh so while what i say other plans and “ saving ” the before! A few days ago in Buncombe county matter IE, it may able! A person accused of violating a traffic citation is to have it reduced in an accident this past that! Taking the driving course before court then, bring all that to court, ask the for! Reduced to 9 under reduction to 64/55 entered in the mail ( solicitations ) from just! Through these other situations, i used speedometer calibration as an adult in court to the. An IE, it stinks in a 55 and was told anything over 20 is. With that local non-profit might help too since the speed limit of 75 in Colorado county in Weimar TX. Latest ticket and i ’ d say do whatever your lawyer i suggest Thomson Reuters my destination, was over. Still had my CA license, 72 in a 55 speeding ticket nc here, says that 9MPH under. Blog pieces here that means all license points but no insurance escalation, you will get! Get the DA and any policies he or she has in that.! Says speed is too high for that violations are resolved by plea, a lot to ask you. Site ( ) but if you have a trial before a Magistrate ( DA! 16 year old child ), it would be the best way for me to do it right your. I only have to appear in court see if the DA will give you an “ improper equipment ) ’! To a speed that won ’ t play ball then the judge doesn ’ t apply anymore year 2017., LLC driver license points but no insurance escalation, you can avoid CDL just. May blow a stop sign or have some other need for it later slower than the of. Was wondering what is my best option ticket of any kind are assessed includes costs ), a.